Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's my birthday

Happy Birthday.. To Me :))
Today I turn 23, how? when I don't look a day older then 18... if that. I am short, have a sqeeky voice. I am always giggling like a school girl. Yet im 23..  I don't feel older, or wiser, or any more mature then I did being 22. But hey lets go with it and see what happens!

I have definitely been spoilt this year, came home from work on Sunday to a dozen Aero bar cupcakes and Fred Jr the cardboard moose. We then went for a lovely pub dinner since it was a really nice evening. And this morning? Yep the surprises havent stopped, Sam is on a half day and working from home! He got me a lovely silver chain and gold triangle bracelet from Whistles that I have been lusting after! aH! I feel so spoilt this year!!! He has also arranged for his parents to take Eggs so we can go for dinner at a Japanese restaurant we have been saving for a special occasion.
Fred Jr.
I wanted to give myself some 'goals' to work towards this year, to hold myself accountable. They aren't overly serious and are just personal things I want to work on or work towards.
    •  Be more patient
    •  Be more confident in front of cameras
    •  Try new things (DIY, foods, activities)
    •  Cook something new each month
    •  Catch up with friends more regularly
    •  Not worry about what others think
    •  Participate in the free events within the Ads industry and Uni
    •  Get my full UK driving license! 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Etsy Find 1 - RossLab

When I am bored, and looking for something to add some excitement and serious shopping envy, I find my self on Etsy. I usually end up 'hearting' half a dozen items each time. Today I found myself swooning over everything in this amazing shop RossLab
All the gorgeous ceramic items from earrings and necklaces to bowls and and vases are hand made by Ross. I cant get enough of this black and white heart bowl, I cant decide if I would put jewellery or other little nick nacks or use it in the kitchen.. They are amazing and so beautiful!!
I can't quite decide on just one item I would like, Ill be greedy and take one of everything just to be sure I dont miss out! It is my birthday tomorrow after all.. I deserve something right? ;)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

DIY Cork board

I had a great idea to create a cork board wall piece last year. I even went as far as purchasing the boards and glueing two together because they are really thin. Unfortunately this project never went any further then that. Until last week that is, because my birthday is on Thursday I decided to book this week off work.. to do nothing.
Belinda's lovely desk!
A few weeks back I saw this lovely tutorial on a really lovely cork board solution on Apartment Therapy. It featured Belinda of The Happy Home Blog tutorial - although hers used a toddler, however Egg's the French Bulldog was a pain during the crafting process. It was really easy to do, such a great way to jazz up a simple thing.

Since I dont have a work desk and I am currently Hi-jacking the corner of Sam's giant desk, I wanted my cork board to be for my jewellery to help de-clutter my jungle of a makeup table that drives me insane! Why do make up tables always collect so much junk and also never stay tidy?

My DIY board in its place.
I dug out two of the four cork bords I already had glued together and got to work - taping off what I wanted to paint making sure both boards would align (a lot harder then I thought). I am pleased with how it turned out, they look really nice with all my necklaces hanging down, all of which are from my sister's over the years!! It only seemed fitting to put a picture of us three from 2010 when I went back home to Vancouver for Christmas.

-Since I only take iPhone pictures for my Instagram and they are mainly of Eggs, I got Sam to take some shots for me, to be honest he takes all of my pictures.. Better ask for lessons one of these days..

-Another confession, Sam also made my header! Isn't he amazing!? I know Im pretty lucky, I told him what I wanted and he drew it!! Aww <3 him!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012


This adorable chunk of cuteness is 16 weeks old! Why does he have to get bigger? Seriously, every day I fall more in love with his crazy little antics. He is so adventurous and is exploring more and more. Being able to watch him grow is amazing, having never had a puppy before (only rescues)  I didn't realise how much they change and just how quickly! Even though we still get up with him once or twice a night to take him to the toilet, waking up with him in the morning is always perfect! His little stretches and moans! Gah im such a puppy mum :P

Look at that bum!
 I am currently sat on my chair with him snoring in my lap after an amazing 'un-birthday' evening from my wonderful boyfriend Sam. Who by the way surprised me again this year with home made Mint Aero chocolate cupcakes, and a Fred Jr. cardboard moose head!  It was such a nice evening we decided to pack Eggs up in the car, and went to The Full Moon (food wasn't as good as we remembered) but it was still nice to enjoy what little bit of summer we had today.  

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Hi, Hello, Hey.

Im Hannah, I decided to start fresh with this new project. I have a lot planned for the next few weeks, and hopefully it continues into months and then who knows?
Anyways I will be 23 in 8 days (June 28th) and well its the summer! So lets see where this takes us!

Since this is text you wont notice my accent or my twang? as some call it! Well Im a Canadian living in the UK.. Im from Vancouver, BC the gorgeous west coast, when I was 18 and brave I moved 3000+ miles away to be a Nanny. This was meant to be for one year, it quickly turned into to 2 1/2 years.. Now I am still here, this time I am studying for a degree in Advertising and Digital Communications. What I am going to do with that I still have no idea.. now that that is all cleared up more about me :)

I love love anything chocolate or peanut butter related, I love fashion, interior design and all things nature and beautiful!  I tend to be very indecisive and extremely excitable! (Ive warned you for all the !!!! in my posts). I have recently (7 weeks ago) welcomed a gorgeous French Bulldog puppy into my life Eggs (yes he has his own tumblr) He is amazing, I love every minute with him even at 3am!