Friday, 1 February 2013

Dog Treats

Confession, I am a crazy dog owner. I think this post just helps prove it, but you know what I don't mind.

For Christmas, I decided to make Meg dog a home made treat from Eggs of course. I stumbled upon Dog-Milk, an amazing one stop for all things modern for dogs.
I found a post about two ingredient dog treats and decided that Megs Christmas present would be the perfect time to try it out! So to the baby food aisle at Tesco it was. That was awkward, looking at all the types of baby food to find ones without onions, grapes or raisins. It was also this moment when looking at labels and ingredients I decided I definitely want to make my future babies food.
The first time making them I made balls because I didn't have a cookie cutter, they turned out great. The dogs loved them which was the main thing, no one got sick or died from eating them!
This time around I found a suitable cutter to make smaller thinner shapes, about the size of 10p coin. Two 125g of Hipp Organic jars of sweet squash and chicken with two cups of wholemeal flour and some rolled oats, made three batches! 
Since we have switched Eggs on to Natural Instinct natural raw food I feel a lot better about what is going into his body. I think know that I have a basic understanding of how to make his treats I might venture and try some completely homemade ones so everything is fresh and not full of bad fillers.