Sunday, 25 November 2012

Weekend in Exmoor

I haven't posted in a while, and since we have just gotten back from a nice weekend away where I went Instagram mad I thought why not blog about it!?

We took Friday afternoon off, loaded the car up, and quickly realised how thankful we are to only have us and a dog.. How on earth do families of 4 or 5 ever get anywhere?!

Eggs was adorable, he was a bit unsettled at home while we were packing. But as soon as we got in the car he was ready for adventure! He kept standing up and looking out the windows, wanting to see whats going on.. since his longest car ride is usually 15 minutes to Sam's parents house he must have been very confused!

He has a harness attachment seatbelt so he was safe, but is still able to move about the back seat somewhat, or what was left of it after his bed, crate, food, toys etc filled every space in the car! Not to mention our bag, Sam's camera gear. We don't leave anything behind!

The house we stayed at was a holiday rental that is owned by a family friend of Sam's parents, it was lovely! The village of Combe Martin is really sweet, and small. Located within the Exmoor national park which was gorgeous! All the houses were a mix of old and new, and the locals were all really friendly and seemed to know each other, so of course we stood out like sore thumbs!

The weather wasn't the best, it was wet and windy but manageable since we had no other choice. We went for a dog walk on Saturday morning preparing to get it out of the way since there was an 'Amber' weather warning and we didn't exactly know what to expect. After a tiring hike up the side of a cliff we found some gorgeous views, took some photos and decided to head back down grab some lunch and wait out the rain.. which turned out to not be so bad.

This was Eggs first holiday, and first sandy beach trip! He was so cute, chasing waves and feeling sand for the first time! Gah! Sappy mummy moment. He got really hyper and did his Frenchie runs around and played with some other doggies. I think he enjoyed his first holiday, he did so well I still can't get over how well he adjusts to knew situations and how happy he is to just be with us.

Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and blog more, Sam is always hassling me to! I am going to try and be a bit better, not making a promise just a mental note.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Eggs Benedict 6 Months

Eggs Benedict had his first half birthday last Monday, he is 6 months old! On Saturday we took him to the Vets for his 6 month check up. It was a bit nerve racking wondering if they would still hear a murmur in his heart and if they were going to push castration on us.
I am very very happy to report that he has been given a clear bill of health, and that there was no sign of  the previous heart murmur.
Everyone has been commenting on how big he has gotten and how well behaved he is. I must say I agree, occasionally he likes to ignore me or turn it into a game when I am calling for him. But the last few nights he has walked straight inside and into his crate at bed time! He just looks like me like what im tired leave me alone, I give him a kiss and stroke and close him in for the night. No more night time snuggles, although he is still just as snuggly as ever all day every day.
He has a really busy month, he went to Brighton, his first French Bulldog meet in London. We even had my friends toddler son over for an evening. Which was Eggs first play encounter with a baby/child, he was really cute to watch! He did get a bit frightened when Aydan was screaming - but Eggs was great and let Aydan bring every single one of his toys out to play.
Eggs has also been sporting a brand new harness! He had a puppia one since we got him - being the Dinosaur that he is, he out grew it in a matter of weeks. He only really needs it for long walks and in the car. Its been great so far and he is happy to play in it which makes a change from the puppia one he wouldn't even run while wearing.
The next few weeks will be busy and new as well, with my mum coming in from Vancouver. A second visit to London for the Frenchie meet and Sam and I back at Uni for our third and final year.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Seaside visit to Brighton

Last weekend, Sam and I arranged a day trip to Brighton since it was the first bit of proper summer weather we had. Emily and Dan joined us, and of course Eggs came along for his first trip to the Sea.
 It was the perfect day for it, a nice light breeze, sun not to hot. Friends, and did I mention the beach! Being a West Coast girl from Canada, I instantly feel at home near the water. Everything is in place and just gorgeous! 
I had been to Brighton once before, a few years ago that trip wasn't great. This visit made up for that a billion times over. I had such a great day, it was nice to watch Eggs explore new places. He was a bit shocked at the big waves and took a tumble, but soon we had a hyper Frenchie doing laps around us! 
Sam and I have decided we need to make the trip to Brighton more often, I can't wait to explore the city more.

*Photos by Sam / Last two snaps of Eggs on my Instagram.

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Roid Week

As Roid Week comes to an end, Sam and I decided to pull some of our favourite's from the past year. It makes me smile that we have Instaxs from all our vacations, and all our adventures!
Last year Sam flew back to the UK a week before me, leaving me with the in charge of the final Vancouver Instax. In typical west cost style me and my sister enjoyed some vodka and soda pop on the beach.
Another from the Vancouver trip, a lot of bike riding took place down 4th and around Kits.
This is from the April monthly project that Sam and I have done for the past year. I usually complain during these - but I loved mucking about and jumping in puddles.
 The view of downtown NYC from the Empire State. I snapped Uptown on here.

 The one thing I had to do during our trip to NYC, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge! I did it, and documented it of course.

 Probably the most moving and emotional place I have been to, the 9/11 Memorial Pools at ground zero.
Little mans first debut to our instax wall - he was just over 3 months. I remember feeling bad that he hadn't had one sooner!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

London French Bulldog Meet

I have been waiting to the Eggs to a Frenchie Meet since the day we got him. Once the time came I took the first Sunday off work I could and arranged to take Tiny Eggs into London! He looked so proud to be on a train, and of course was loving the attention people gave him on our way into London.
This lined up perfectly with a visit with a friend from Vancouver, so she came along and loved up all the puppies with us! It was such a gorgeous day, this was actually the best weekend we have had in a few weeks time, so naturally we arranged as many things as we could for the weekend including a trip to Brighton.
The event says there was 78 owners (many had two Frenchies some even three). I was so over whelmed I didn't know what to think it was amazing! Sam and I went to our first meet up back in November after we learned about the breed, being able to take our own was so much more fun. Its a strange world to be apart of, Eggs is from champion title parents so naturally he is of show quality although he is just a 'pet' and my baby. I have to get use to the opinions of other owners who see the breed as just a breed, and even a money making business.
Eggs is now 9.5kg at just over 5 months old, I would think that is about average - hes a growing boy! He definitely takes after his parents and I couldn't be any more proud of him. He loves puppies - girls in particular, he met Brompton a 13 week old lady who he loved to wrestle. It makes me want to get him a little sister so badly! I am going to try and wait until his wonderful breeder has another litter in 2014.
I was shocked and slightly scared when a few teeny tiny puppies showed up - I thought they were around 13 weeks old, experiencing their first real world adventures. Nope! They were all the same age as my Eggs, my Tiny Eggs!!! How!? What, I have a Dinosaur on my hands.
This was a first for Eggs seeing all the Frenchies, a first for being on the train and a first for being in London. He did so well tagging along on our busy weekend, he keeps on amazing at how well he fits in to our life.
*Photos by Sam.

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Eggs Benedict - 5 months

So Little Man is 5 months old! I say it every week on his blog and daily but seriously where has the time gone! He still seems so small and innocent but at the same time not.. it's really hard to believe just how much hes grown in the 3 months we have had him!
He has now lost all of his baby milk teeth and it seems immediately the adult pair are coming through. He has surprised me at just how clever and how much information he takes in, I trained him to sit, ring a bell to be let outside, lay down, paw, and Sam taught him speak. Each trick took no more then a few days!
Doing what he is told isn't always what he wants to do, when we are on our walks at the park if he is playing with another dog he wont come back until he is ready, or tired. That is the only thing I'd say he needs to work on, he has also gotten so much better during the night.
Since Sam and I naturally wake up early Eggs has adapted and wakes up early, he use to wake at 3:30am - then at 4, he now wakes around 5am for the toilet then a quick snuggle before we start our day anywhere from 5:30-6:30. Occasionally me and Eggs are left in bed and have snuggles until I need to get up, those are the days I'd rather just stay snuggled with him. Ahh I love this little guy if you haven't noticed.

PS* Sam took the wonderful grownup shot of Eggs, while the grids were made using pictures from both of our Instagrams (Hannshrose, Yoursamrevel)

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Walks and Milk bottle legs

I've been MIA again.. I haven't really been into the 'blogging' mood lately. It's part laziness and part I haven't done much beside work. We had a really nice heat wave recently- which for me consisted of trying to keep the Little Man indoors and shaded.. not so easy when he is trained to ring a bell to go outside and rings the bell ALL. DAY. LONG. The evenings were lovely and cool, so we were able to take him to the park for a good run around.
I don't usually like my photo being taken, I was in a really good mood and allowed quiet a few actually! Amazing what a little vitamin D can do to you. Eggs goes crazy for plastic bottles, I have to pour a drink out into a glass so he can have the bottle. 

Don't my legs look like milk bottles! They are practically glowing! Here's hoping we get more sun so I can work on their appearance.

Ps. thanks Sam for taking such pretty pictures and not making me look like an oger!

Monday, 16 July 2012

DIY- Ombre dip dye pillows

After a week of a bad head cold, the big summer sale at work and some heart breaking news of a friend and colleague, I wasn't exactly into blogging. 

Here is a really late update on my tie-dye sheets! I need to get a full set to so I can try it out properly, these were more of a test! But I am really happy with the outcome.

I followed the instructions posted on Oh Happy Day that was a guest post by Brittany of The House That Lars Built. It was really fun, although with a hyper Frenchie at my feet there was some dye on things I wasn't planning on dying...
I used only one bucket, and dipped at different levels for an unknown amount of time.. (next time I will time it better so my results are consistent)
This is the better one of the two, and no I am not naked! I can't wait to try it again and do more and try new things, sheets, cloths, I think a maxi dress would be amazing (if only we had the sun!).

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Eggs is 4 months old

This little boog is 4 months old today!
On Thursday we will have had him for 2 months! It seems like he has been in our life forever! This is a complete puppy gush post FYI. Its hard to grasps just how big much he has grown in such a short space of time. He has really settled into life with us perfectly. He is always so happy, and is really keen to learn. I taught him 'sit' in under a week, Sam taught him 'speak' in about a day! The amount of learning and newness he experiences each day is adorable to watch. 
Eggs is officially toilet trained, I don't even know the last 'accident' we had inside.. He has started to lose his baby milk teeth, and his adult ones seem to pop up hours later! He is changing so much and so quickly! I take Instagram pics of him almost daily, or so I thought.. going back through them I need to up my game a bit. I also need to video him more! Something I wanted to do before I got him but for one reason or another I haven't gotten around to it! 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!!
Its crazy to think that a year ago Sam and I were in Vancouver for Canada Day! Growing up in Steveston, Canada Day is a ritual. Every year you wake up early walk down and watch or even take part in the 'Salmon Festival' parade! There are fair rides and food stalls, markets and games! Its such a fun day, everyone dresses up in red and white, covering yourself in temporary tattoos of maple leafs and spends the day having a good time, celebrating Canada. 
It was only fitting that for our monthly photo project to have a Canadian theme. We ordered a Canadian flag and some party cannons and hit the Chiltern Hills in Old Amersham after a lovely birthday brunch. I think it was also the hottest day so far this year, Eggs was a tropper and just tottled along with us in the corn field. It was pretty fun holding the flag up as the wind blew, its always so hard to plan these photos. Focusing them around a theme that is consistent with what ever month it is. Since I'm Canadian, this was an easy one.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's my birthday

Happy Birthday.. To Me :))
Today I turn 23, how? when I don't look a day older then 18... if that. I am short, have a sqeeky voice. I am always giggling like a school girl. Yet im 23..  I don't feel older, or wiser, or any more mature then I did being 22. But hey lets go with it and see what happens!

I have definitely been spoilt this year, came home from work on Sunday to a dozen Aero bar cupcakes and Fred Jr the cardboard moose. We then went for a lovely pub dinner since it was a really nice evening. And this morning? Yep the surprises havent stopped, Sam is on a half day and working from home! He got me a lovely silver chain and gold triangle bracelet from Whistles that I have been lusting after! aH! I feel so spoilt this year!!! He has also arranged for his parents to take Eggs so we can go for dinner at a Japanese restaurant we have been saving for a special occasion.
Fred Jr.
I wanted to give myself some 'goals' to work towards this year, to hold myself accountable. They aren't overly serious and are just personal things I want to work on or work towards.
    •  Be more patient
    •  Be more confident in front of cameras
    •  Try new things (DIY, foods, activities)
    •  Cook something new each month
    •  Catch up with friends more regularly
    •  Not worry about what others think
    •  Participate in the free events within the Ads industry and Uni
    •  Get my full UK driving license! 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Etsy Find 1 - RossLab

When I am bored, and looking for something to add some excitement and serious shopping envy, I find my self on Etsy. I usually end up 'hearting' half a dozen items each time. Today I found myself swooning over everything in this amazing shop RossLab
All the gorgeous ceramic items from earrings and necklaces to bowls and and vases are hand made by Ross. I cant get enough of this black and white heart bowl, I cant decide if I would put jewellery or other little nick nacks or use it in the kitchen.. They are amazing and so beautiful!!
I can't quite decide on just one item I would like, Ill be greedy and take one of everything just to be sure I dont miss out! It is my birthday tomorrow after all.. I deserve something right? ;)

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

DIY Cork board

I had a great idea to create a cork board wall piece last year. I even went as far as purchasing the boards and glueing two together because they are really thin. Unfortunately this project never went any further then that. Until last week that is, because my birthday is on Thursday I decided to book this week off work.. to do nothing.
Belinda's lovely desk!
A few weeks back I saw this lovely tutorial on a really lovely cork board solution on Apartment Therapy. It featured Belinda of The Happy Home Blog tutorial - although hers used a toddler, however Egg's the French Bulldog was a pain during the crafting process. It was really easy to do, such a great way to jazz up a simple thing.

Since I dont have a work desk and I am currently Hi-jacking the corner of Sam's giant desk, I wanted my cork board to be for my jewellery to help de-clutter my jungle of a makeup table that drives me insane! Why do make up tables always collect so much junk and also never stay tidy?

My DIY board in its place.
I dug out two of the four cork bords I already had glued together and got to work - taping off what I wanted to paint making sure both boards would align (a lot harder then I thought). I am pleased with how it turned out, they look really nice with all my necklaces hanging down, all of which are from my sister's over the years!! It only seemed fitting to put a picture of us three from 2010 when I went back home to Vancouver for Christmas.

-Since I only take iPhone pictures for my Instagram and they are mainly of Eggs, I got Sam to take some shots for me, to be honest he takes all of my pictures.. Better ask for lessons one of these days..

-Another confession, Sam also made my header! Isn't he amazing!? I know Im pretty lucky, I told him what I wanted and he drew it!! Aww <3 him!!

Sunday, 24 June 2012


This adorable chunk of cuteness is 16 weeks old! Why does he have to get bigger? Seriously, every day I fall more in love with his crazy little antics. He is so adventurous and is exploring more and more. Being able to watch him grow is amazing, having never had a puppy before (only rescues)  I didn't realise how much they change and just how quickly! Even though we still get up with him once or twice a night to take him to the toilet, waking up with him in the morning is always perfect! His little stretches and moans! Gah im such a puppy mum :P

Look at that bum!
 I am currently sat on my chair with him snoring in my lap after an amazing 'un-birthday' evening from my wonderful boyfriend Sam. Who by the way surprised me again this year with home made Mint Aero chocolate cupcakes, and a Fred Jr. cardboard moose head!  It was such a nice evening we decided to pack Eggs up in the car, and went to The Full Moon (food wasn't as good as we remembered) but it was still nice to enjoy what little bit of summer we had today.