Tuesday, 26 June 2012

DIY Cork board

I had a great idea to create a cork board wall piece last year. I even went as far as purchasing the boards and glueing two together because they are really thin. Unfortunately this project never went any further then that. Until last week that is, because my birthday is on Thursday I decided to book this week off work.. to do nothing.
Belinda's lovely desk!
A few weeks back I saw this lovely tutorial on a really lovely cork board solution on Apartment Therapy. It featured Belinda of The Happy Home Blog tutorial - although hers used a toddler, however Egg's the French Bulldog was a pain during the crafting process. It was really easy to do, such a great way to jazz up a simple thing.

Since I dont have a work desk and I am currently Hi-jacking the corner of Sam's giant desk, I wanted my cork board to be for my jewellery to help de-clutter my jungle of a makeup table that drives me insane! Why do make up tables always collect so much junk and also never stay tidy?

My DIY board in its place.
I dug out two of the four cork bords I already had glued together and got to work - taping off what I wanted to paint making sure both boards would align (a lot harder then I thought). I am pleased with how it turned out, they look really nice with all my necklaces hanging down, all of which are from my sister's over the years!! It only seemed fitting to put a picture of us three from 2010 when I went back home to Vancouver for Christmas.

-Since I only take iPhone pictures for my Instagram and they are mainly of Eggs, I got Sam to take some shots for me, to be honest he takes all of my pictures.. Better ask for lessons one of these days..

-Another confession, Sam also made my header! Isn't he amazing!? I know Im pretty lucky, I told him what I wanted and he drew it!! Aww <3 him!!

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