Thursday, 28 June 2012

It's my birthday

Happy Birthday.. To Me :))
Today I turn 23, how? when I don't look a day older then 18... if that. I am short, have a sqeeky voice. I am always giggling like a school girl. Yet im 23..  I don't feel older, or wiser, or any more mature then I did being 22. But hey lets go with it and see what happens!

I have definitely been spoilt this year, came home from work on Sunday to a dozen Aero bar cupcakes and Fred Jr the cardboard moose. We then went for a lovely pub dinner since it was a really nice evening. And this morning? Yep the surprises havent stopped, Sam is on a half day and working from home! He got me a lovely silver chain and gold triangle bracelet from Whistles that I have been lusting after! aH! I feel so spoilt this year!!! He has also arranged for his parents to take Eggs so we can go for dinner at a Japanese restaurant we have been saving for a special occasion.
Fred Jr.
I wanted to give myself some 'goals' to work towards this year, to hold myself accountable. They aren't overly serious and are just personal things I want to work on or work towards.
    •  Be more patient
    •  Be more confident in front of cameras
    •  Try new things (DIY, foods, activities)
    •  Cook something new each month
    •  Catch up with friends more regularly
    •  Not worry about what others think
    •  Participate in the free events within the Ads industry and Uni
    •  Get my full UK driving license! 

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