Sunday, 24 June 2012


This adorable chunk of cuteness is 16 weeks old! Why does he have to get bigger? Seriously, every day I fall more in love with his crazy little antics. He is so adventurous and is exploring more and more. Being able to watch him grow is amazing, having never had a puppy before (only rescues)  I didn't realise how much they change and just how quickly! Even though we still get up with him once or twice a night to take him to the toilet, waking up with him in the morning is always perfect! His little stretches and moans! Gah im such a puppy mum :P

Look at that bum!
 I am currently sat on my chair with him snoring in my lap after an amazing 'un-birthday' evening from my wonderful boyfriend Sam. Who by the way surprised me again this year with home made Mint Aero chocolate cupcakes, and a Fred Jr. cardboard moose head!  It was such a nice evening we decided to pack Eggs up in the car, and went to The Full Moon (food wasn't as good as we remembered) but it was still nice to enjoy what little bit of summer we had today.  

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