Sunday, 1 July 2012

Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day!!
Its crazy to think that a year ago Sam and I were in Vancouver for Canada Day! Growing up in Steveston, Canada Day is a ritual. Every year you wake up early walk down and watch or even take part in the 'Salmon Festival' parade! There are fair rides and food stalls, markets and games! Its such a fun day, everyone dresses up in red and white, covering yourself in temporary tattoos of maple leafs and spends the day having a good time, celebrating Canada. 
It was only fitting that for our monthly photo project to have a Canadian theme. We ordered a Canadian flag and some party cannons and hit the Chiltern Hills in Old Amersham after a lovely birthday brunch. I think it was also the hottest day so far this year, Eggs was a tropper and just tottled along with us in the corn field. It was pretty fun holding the flag up as the wind blew, its always so hard to plan these photos. Focusing them around a theme that is consistent with what ever month it is. Since I'm Canadian, this was an easy one.

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