Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Walks and Milk bottle legs

I've been MIA again.. I haven't really been into the 'blogging' mood lately. It's part laziness and part I haven't done much beside work. We had a really nice heat wave recently- which for me consisted of trying to keep the Little Man indoors and shaded.. not so easy when he is trained to ring a bell to go outside and rings the bell ALL. DAY. LONG. The evenings were lovely and cool, so we were able to take him to the park for a good run around.
I don't usually like my photo being taken, I was in a really good mood and allowed quiet a few actually! Amazing what a little vitamin D can do to you. Eggs goes crazy for plastic bottles, I have to pour a drink out into a glass so he can have the bottle. 

Don't my legs look like milk bottles! They are practically glowing! Here's hoping we get more sun so I can work on their appearance.

Ps. thanks Sam for taking such pretty pictures and not making me look like an oger!

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