Saturday, 4 August 2012

Eggs Benedict - 5 months

So Little Man is 5 months old! I say it every week on his blog and daily but seriously where has the time gone! He still seems so small and innocent but at the same time not.. it's really hard to believe just how much hes grown in the 3 months we have had him!
He has now lost all of his baby milk teeth and it seems immediately the adult pair are coming through. He has surprised me at just how clever and how much information he takes in, I trained him to sit, ring a bell to be let outside, lay down, paw, and Sam taught him speak. Each trick took no more then a few days!
Doing what he is told isn't always what he wants to do, when we are on our walks at the park if he is playing with another dog he wont come back until he is ready, or tired. That is the only thing I'd say he needs to work on, he has also gotten so much better during the night.
Since Sam and I naturally wake up early Eggs has adapted and wakes up early, he use to wake at 3:30am - then at 4, he now wakes around 5am for the toilet then a quick snuggle before we start our day anywhere from 5:30-6:30. Occasionally me and Eggs are left in bed and have snuggles until I need to get up, those are the days I'd rather just stay snuggled with him. Ahh I love this little guy if you haven't noticed.

PS* Sam took the wonderful grownup shot of Eggs, while the grids were made using pictures from both of our Instagrams (Hannshrose, Yoursamrevel)


  1. These photos are beautiful ! x

    1. Thank you, a mix between mine and my boyfriend who is a photographer x