Tuesday, 14 August 2012

London French Bulldog Meet

I have been waiting to the Eggs to a Frenchie Meet since the day we got him. Once the time came I took the first Sunday off work I could and arranged to take Tiny Eggs into London! He looked so proud to be on a train, and of course was loving the attention people gave him on our way into London.
This lined up perfectly with a visit with a friend from Vancouver, so she came along and loved up all the puppies with us! It was such a gorgeous day, this was actually the best weekend we have had in a few weeks time, so naturally we arranged as many things as we could for the weekend including a trip to Brighton.
The event says there was 78 owners (many had two Frenchies some even three). I was so over whelmed I didn't know what to think it was amazing! Sam and I went to our first meet up back in November after we learned about the breed, being able to take our own was so much more fun. Its a strange world to be apart of, Eggs is from champion title parents so naturally he is of show quality although he is just a 'pet' and my baby. I have to get use to the opinions of other owners who see the breed as just a breed, and even a money making business.
Eggs is now 9.5kg at just over 5 months old, I would think that is about average - hes a growing boy! He definitely takes after his parents and I couldn't be any more proud of him. He loves puppies - girls in particular, he met Brompton a 13 week old lady who he loved to wrestle. It makes me want to get him a little sister so badly! I am going to try and wait until his wonderful breeder has another litter in 2014.
I was shocked and slightly scared when a few teeny tiny puppies showed up - I thought they were around 13 weeks old, experiencing their first real world adventures. Nope! They were all the same age as my Eggs, my Tiny Eggs!!! How!? What, I have a Dinosaur on my hands.
This was a first for Eggs seeing all the Frenchies, a first for being on the train and a first for being in London. He did so well tagging along on our busy weekend, he keeps on amazing at how well he fits in to our life.
*Photos by Sam.

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