Sunday, 19 August 2012

Seaside visit to Brighton

Last weekend, Sam and I arranged a day trip to Brighton since it was the first bit of proper summer weather we had. Emily and Dan joined us, and of course Eggs came along for his first trip to the Sea.
 It was the perfect day for it, a nice light breeze, sun not to hot. Friends, and did I mention the beach! Being a West Coast girl from Canada, I instantly feel at home near the water. Everything is in place and just gorgeous! 
I had been to Brighton once before, a few years ago that trip wasn't great. This visit made up for that a billion times over. I had such a great day, it was nice to watch Eggs explore new places. He was a bit shocked at the big waves and took a tumble, but soon we had a hyper Frenchie doing laps around us! 
Sam and I have decided we need to make the trip to Brighton more often, I can't wait to explore the city more.

*Photos by Sam / Last two snaps of Eggs on my Instagram.

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