Sunday, 9 September 2012

Eggs Benedict 6 Months

Eggs Benedict had his first half birthday last Monday, he is 6 months old! On Saturday we took him to the Vets for his 6 month check up. It was a bit nerve racking wondering if they would still hear a murmur in his heart and if they were going to push castration on us.
I am very very happy to report that he has been given a clear bill of health, and that there was no sign of  the previous heart murmur.
Everyone has been commenting on how big he has gotten and how well behaved he is. I must say I agree, occasionally he likes to ignore me or turn it into a game when I am calling for him. But the last few nights he has walked straight inside and into his crate at bed time! He just looks like me like what im tired leave me alone, I give him a kiss and stroke and close him in for the night. No more night time snuggles, although he is still just as snuggly as ever all day every day.
He has a really busy month, he went to Brighton, his first French Bulldog meet in London. We even had my friends toddler son over for an evening. Which was Eggs first play encounter with a baby/child, he was really cute to watch! He did get a bit frightened when Aydan was screaming - but Eggs was great and let Aydan bring every single one of his toys out to play.
Eggs has also been sporting a brand new harness! He had a puppia one since we got him - being the Dinosaur that he is, he out grew it in a matter of weeks. He only really needs it for long walks and in the car. Its been great so far and he is happy to play in it which makes a change from the puppia one he wouldn't even run while wearing.
The next few weeks will be busy and new as well, with my mum coming in from Vancouver. A second visit to London for the Frenchie meet and Sam and I back at Uni for our third and final year.

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