Sunday, 25 November 2012

Weekend in Exmoor

I haven't posted in a while, and since we have just gotten back from a nice weekend away where I went Instagram mad I thought why not blog about it!?

We took Friday afternoon off, loaded the car up, and quickly realised how thankful we are to only have us and a dog.. How on earth do families of 4 or 5 ever get anywhere?!

Eggs was adorable, he was a bit unsettled at home while we were packing. But as soon as we got in the car he was ready for adventure! He kept standing up and looking out the windows, wanting to see whats going on.. since his longest car ride is usually 15 minutes to Sam's parents house he must have been very confused!

He has a harness attachment seatbelt so he was safe, but is still able to move about the back seat somewhat, or what was left of it after his bed, crate, food, toys etc filled every space in the car! Not to mention our bag, Sam's camera gear. We don't leave anything behind!

The house we stayed at was a holiday rental that is owned by a family friend of Sam's parents, it was lovely! The village of Combe Martin is really sweet, and small. Located within the Exmoor national park which was gorgeous! All the houses were a mix of old and new, and the locals were all really friendly and seemed to know each other, so of course we stood out like sore thumbs!

The weather wasn't the best, it was wet and windy but manageable since we had no other choice. We went for a dog walk on Saturday morning preparing to get it out of the way since there was an 'Amber' weather warning and we didn't exactly know what to expect. After a tiring hike up the side of a cliff we found some gorgeous views, took some photos and decided to head back down grab some lunch and wait out the rain.. which turned out to not be so bad.

This was Eggs first holiday, and first sandy beach trip! He was so cute, chasing waves and feeling sand for the first time! Gah! Sappy mummy moment. He got really hyper and did his Frenchie runs around and played with some other doggies. I think he enjoyed his first holiday, he did so well I still can't get over how well he adjusts to knew situations and how happy he is to just be with us.

Hopefully I can get my butt in gear and blog more, Sam is always hassling me to! I am going to try and be a bit better, not making a promise just a mental note.

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