Sunday, 3 March 2013

Eggs Benedict the birthday boy!

I have been so terrible at blogging this year, I will go ahead and blame that on the creation of my Advertising blog for University. I have to admit I have even been slacking on that blog, I will stop procrastinating eventually. But when you have a puppy half as cool as mine that is enough reason to not get things done.
For real though, can we just cry silently that Eggs Benedict is 1 years old! I can barley handle it, I have no idea what I am going to be like with my own children. He is such an amazing dog, being my first 'puppy' I was terrified I would ruin him. Going to meet him when he was 8 weeks old was terrifying, partially because I didn't want to get to attached at the first meeting. I had wanted an all black one, Eggs was brindle. A colour I wasn't interested in. Once I laid eyes on his tiny body and giant ears I was hooked. There was no going back, he was already my puppy.
The past 10 months or so with him have been amazing, considering we moved on the tuesday and picked him up on the Saturday. We just barley survived that first week, there was one night I was threatening Sam that I was just going to sleep on the living room floor with him. Thankfully that didn't happen and now everyone sleeps through the night. Training him wasn't as difficult as I anticipated, considering I have heard how stubborn Frenchies can be. Don't get me wrong he has his moments, and we are currently having an on going argument about going back on his lead after a walk (any suggestion welcome). He managed sit, lay down and shake in about 2 weeks. We even have bells hanging by the door for him to 'ding' when he wants out. He learned that in about a day, and now he will impatiently 'ding' them while we are getting ready to go for a walk!
The thought of being away from him makes me sad, pre warning for christmas- Sam and I are going to Vancouver for 3 weeks! What am I going to do with out his morning snuggles, afternoon snuggles, and evening snuggles?! I am sure people think that we are insanely obsessed with our dog, I mean we have a blog and use a #tinyeggs on Instagram and Twitter (ignore the random small eggs). I am really glad that we decided to do them, as hard as they can be to talk in first person, about a dog, its great to be able to look back and remember what we did each week of his life with us.
I can't wait to see how he changes this year and watch him fully mature in to a grown up Frenchie! He already is in some of his mannerisms  but at the same time he is still that teeny tiny fragile puppy I was scared to hold. A lot of the regulars down at the park we take him to always comment on how big he has gotten, so many people think he is a little handbag dog. He is definitely not, I love that he is rough enough to wrestle with Sam and the bigger dogs down the park. Yet I am still able to carry him and cuddle him on the sofa like a little puppy. He is the perfect size in all ways, however he is a lot bigger then most of the Frenchies his age that we meet at the Regents Park meetup.
If you can't tell he is a major cuddle bug, and I am ok with that! One of the first things his breeder told me about him when we were in talks if I would take him or not was that he is really into cuddles. Its still true, he is never to hyper to snuggle with me on the sofa with our dedicated 'snuggly' blanket. In the mornings when Sam gets up, he lets Eggs out of his crate so he can come snuggle me in bed! More recently he has taken to going fully under the duvet with just his back legs poking out!
So, Happy First Birthday Eggs Benedict Charles Meyer (yes my dog has two middle names and my last name) - I love you and am so happy to have you in my life, thank you for always being so silly and making me smile. I am the happiest Frenchie mama because of you <3

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