Monday, 22 April 2013

Spring at the park

Spring has finally decided to arrive here in the UK, and by arrive I mean we had a really nice weekend! It was gorgeous and sunny, the park was full of people having picnics and going for walks, there was even a 10am hilltop rave! Everyone was generally just enjoying something we haven't had in so long.
I may dislike the town we live in, the one thing I am grateful for is the park. Not only is it convenient to take Eggs to for his daily walks, but it is gorgeous. It's the classic English country side, rolling hills, farm lands, manor houses and even a small river. It makes the dog walks a little bit more enjoyable when you can hear the cow's mooing, or the water babbling down stream.

This is now my first full year walking at Hughenden, and I have seen it in all its glory in all seasons. During the winter, when we had snow a few times I enjoyed the crisp mornings with my favourite thing about winter, tree branches bare expect for the white snow sitting on top. It was peaceful, until of course the next morning when it had melted and turned the place into a giant mud slushy mess.
Dexter and Boo, Eggs best Pug friends
But now that it is warming up, and the daffodils have finally started blooming everything is green! It is so refreshing in the mornings (when it is dry of course). Eggs is also loving rolling around like a monkey and running through the patches
of flowers, he gets so excited and more alert when the sun is shining.

Now that I am nearing the end of my course, and the possibilities of full time employment outside of retail are coming true the thought of staying in this town is depressing, I have no real reason stay. I will admit to already missing this park, even before we start seriously think about moving. This is where we took Eggs on his first walk, and every walk twice a day since. We have made some other dog owned friends, and it is always nice to see them and their four legged friend each day.
Also, I am excited to say that when we went on holiday over Easter I purchased a disposable camera!! I have a few shots left but am really excited to get them back and do a post about our mini holiday! I am excited to maybe do a post that isn't all pictures of Eggs, although I don't think that is possible!

-All photos taken by Sam, they have probably been featured on Eggs blog at some point ;)

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