Sunday, 1 September 2013

Disposable Camera Project: Month 1 - Bristol

For my birthday Sam took us to Bristol, (this was on my birthday -June 28th). The first day of this project and I am already behind on! Actually, I am only behind on editing and posting photos not the actual get the camera and taking the pictures.
I used lightroom for the first time on these, and its safe to say I am still learning! I will probably look back on these and think wtf!?
Sam took some photos of our day as well, they are much better ;). This was my first time in Bristol, and trying Macaroons. We spent the day walking and eating are way around the city, since we were Frenchie free for the day it was nice to take our time in shops, and not be held back by him not being welcome in most places.
After our sitting down along the river, eating our Macaroons we took a walk in hopes of finding more gems. We did, Sam recognised Brew Dog so we popped in and were immediately greeted by the bar man with a tasting of 5 brews. We decided on one, and sat down at table overlooking the river to people watch and plan our next stop.
From Brew Dog we found ourselves across the river outside the Bristol Aquarium! Such a strange place for an Aquarium to be, right in the middle of a bunch of restaurants. There was lawns chairs all lined up with a projection of the Wimbledon match showing. I spotted what we think was the Imax theatre, it reminded me of the bean in Chicago. So naturally we took a selfie reflected in it!
The product of this picture that Sam was taking has actually become my profile picture for a few social platforms! I had an amazing day in Bristol, I hope next time we go we can spend a few days there!

// I am going to kick my butt into gear to get the rest of the July camera photos done and up on the blog before the end of September, I do not like being this behind on something.

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