Sunday, 6 October 2013

Disposable Camera Project Month 2: Frenchie Picnic + Canal + PYO

This isn't a surprise, but I am behind again on posting this camera! These are from August, unfortunately I am a bit silly and touched the lens at one point so a few of the shots ended up with a horrible smear right in the middle! Lesson learned!
Sam's parents have a time share on a Canal boat so we have spent a few days out for walks along the Grand Union. I am still not totally convinced about spending a week on one, maybe one day! It's fun to see the different styles, and how people make do with living in such small space! Sam's Mum had told us about the markets, and shop boats that travel up and down the canals. So naturally we were so excited to finally come across the Fudge making boat! We bought a few bags and enjoyed them on route to the pub.

I am so thankful to live in the countryside and be able to go to local farms, it reminds me of home so much! Sam and I did PYO a few times this year, our friends from London came down one day we titled it PYO&Pie! It was just that, we picked, gathered some local produce and treats from the farm shop then all headed back to ours and made a delicious pie with freshly picked berries and local cream!
August was full of good eats! We finally had #FrenchiePicnic at Hampstead Heath. It was such a gorgeous day, a bit hot for our boy French but we found some water and soon cooled down. Sam and I have also had many Saturday mornings at a lovely local cafe that we absolutely love! Having Saturday brunch also became a thing, and has now since come to a halt. Maybe once a month ;)
Eggs loves nothing more than a hot summer day, lounging in the garden. He gets hot quickly, he will move inside or to shade until he is cooled off then repeat over heating in the sun! This goes on all day, I decided this year he needs a pool, since he loves the river so much! To my surprise when said pool arrived, it wasn't a paddling pool but a Barbie pool! I promise, the picture online and on the package had two children in this pool! (I need to read sizes, clearly)

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  1. This sounds like such a fun little project and your pictures are really wonderful. I am right there with you loving living in the country and getting to go get fresh produce from the local farms near by. I love supporting our local economy and the produce is always so much fresher than what you can get at the grocery store.