Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Update // Announcement

A common theme on my blog is an extreme lateness with posting. I get too caught up in life and what is going on that I don't sit down, and actually take it all in. I really want to become better at that, I need to.
It's no surprise that this post is, oh about 13 weeks later then it really needs to be. The fact I haven't written a blog post since October says there has been a lot going on! 
^ That is not just a big breakfast!
That is our baby boy, snug in my belly! I don't really think I truly believe it yet. But I can confirm with doctor notes and adorable ultrasound pictures and the kicks that are getting stronger by the day, that in my small but perfectly shaped bump is a baby.

I am beyond excited at starting this new phase, a little scared, but mostly excited. For anyone that has known me in real life for any length of time you know I am baby obsessed. Being a mother has been a dream of mine since I was able to talk. Dolls were always my favourite toy, I could spend hours upon hours with my dolls, locked in my room playing out life and various scenarios. Now that dream is my reality.

I am officially 25 weeks along, the photo above is from about 21 weeks. I have a noticeably smallish bump, and am feeling good! I suffered pretty horrifically with morning (all day) sickness, I never thought I'd make it out of the first trimester. I did, and besides the occasional ache from the obvious task of carrying a growing baby, I feel pretty good. I have my appetite back, meaning I could eat all day if I am given the chance.

There have been some big changes that came with finding out about the newest, and first Meyer Revel addition. We knew that living in our lovely flat was no longer an option, and by the time I had a decent sized bump I wouldn't be able to manoeuvre the tight spaces. Let's not even think about where a baby would go! So we began the hunt for our first home, a home to bring our son home to. We did find an adorable, completely unpractical cottage that crushed our dreams pretty fast. A nice welcome to the world of purchasing a house! Then there was the house that was ours (almost), and after giving our notice to move from our flat, it was no longer ours and we had to move in with Sam's parents. Another disappointing blow.

I feel safe in saying we have our home, although it is not move in ready. With some work, time and planning we are going to have our dream house. There are lots of things going on the next few months before baby boy arrives, I won't promise to keep an updated account of what is going on because lets face it that will be a lie. I will be sharing bits and pieces as I can and see fit, hopefully I will get into a rhythm of my new role as full time mama, and will be able to document life and it's happenings a bit better and more regularly.

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  1. I am so excited for you and I can't wait for the baby to arrive! xxx